All About Intuitive Abilities

Every individual has a unique experience with psychics. It is a true fact that everyone has a connection with the other realm. But only a few are cognizant of the powers they have. They are engrossed in their practice and work towards serving humanity. Being a psychic is truly noble.

There are various kinds of intuitions

There are various kinds of intuitions

There are different kinds of people with intuitive thinking abilities. They could be an empath, a medium or a psychic. Psychics have the ability to read minds and gain an understanding of the circumstances the other person is going through. Empaths have the ability to feel the pain of others. Mediums help people connect with their dead relatives.

Most of the mediums can be all three.

They are the best at giving you some advice to turn your life around. They help you guide your life towards the best choices for yourself. Some crises have very tough solutions, if at all you manage to find them. Even the expert doctors are not able to serve us. A psychic or a medium would step in and help you find solutions. Be it a bit of relationship advice or career advice, they are experts.

You can become a medium too

You can become a medium too

Becoming a medium takes a lot of awareness. You must meditate every single day to be aware of every thought and make a connection with the alternate universe. To get you started, there are many books based on this time. It will help you get acquainted with the various hidden aspects to spirituality that you might not have been aware of before. It is a common misunderstanding that mediumship is talking to ghosts. But it is making a connection with the other world.

It will help you be more confident in yourself and find your voice. With practice, you should be able to tune it in your favor. Don’t hesitate when you hear something. Fear is something that should shake off. You must leave all the negative energy and connect with all the positivity to keep all the channels of communication open. Try to believe as much as you can to stay ahead in your practice and look for patterns. Though your feelings might be subtle, don’t disregard anything. Trust your instinct at every step of the way. Even if you feel that you are not making any progress, just keep going.


Just like you require time, practice, and patience to learn a new course, the same goes with this. You need all the belief and trust in the world to be able to touch lives and make a difference. Making a connection with the other world isn’t easy. You may always consider practicing under an expert’s guidance.

What to Know Before Asking Psychic Mediums to Read Your Aura – Colors & Meanings

You may have heard of auras before. They’re all over the place. Every character from your favorite game has an aura and so does an actor in a television show you’re watching. But , the reality is that auras aren’t only about movies and games. They’re real and are also around you. Everyone has an aura, and attempting to know more about it could point you in the right direction.

The psychic readings are more directions, and some are also aimed at the aura. There are methods to analyze your aura and discover the kind of energy you are transmitting. A good psychic will inform you all you must be aware of. It might sound difficult to believe However, there are times where auras can be recorded in photos.

You may have some clues about what an aura signifies, but do really understand how it functions? If you’re able to get an online psychic reading and talk to a free psychic reader, understanding your aura is like discovering more about who you are. It’s similar to the tests you take that reveal more about you and the more you learn how to improve your life, the more easy it will be to enhance your life.

So, what is an aura?

Getting an online free phone psychic readings about your aura is not just about calling or chatting to a psychic and asking them to read your aura. The best psychic reading comes with a bit of education on your side as well. You need to understand what the aura means, but also how it can control your life and everything you do.

Your aura can be defined as your electromagnetic field. It surrounds your whole body and it defines your energy. It captures energy from you, but it also sends energy back at you – it is an ongoing cycle. Some people can actually see it – not regular people like you or your family. Famous psychics can see the aura. But then, the good news is that everyone can feel it.

Having best psychics read your aura is pretty much like asking an expert to vibe check you. Now, it is also important to know that auras can be contagious. It is quite easy to understand why. Hang around some people with positive and optimistic vibes and you will also feel happier. On the same note, you will feel completely drained when next to a negative person.

How aura colors actually work

A free psychic reading of your aura can provide you with some useful information about your aura. It is important to know that every person has different layers of their auras and different hues. Each detail is distinct. All of these are the reason why people are able to see only one colour in their auras.

Now, the aura can change as well – you can reach to psychic mediums today for a reading and get a free psychic reading a few months later. You should not be surprised if you have different results. Your state of mind, thoughts and emotions change all these. For instance, imagine a drastic change of mood due to a bad boss or partner. Your aura will show such issues.

Both physical and emotional traumas will reflect into your aura. Furthermore, as you keep aging, you obviously change. You become a different person and your aura will also change accordingly. For instance, some people will get aura readings from online psychics on a yearly basis, only to see how they have actually changed.

Most people have a single color. Some others have a mix of different colors. While rare, there are people with rainbow auras out there. A mix of colors is actually a good thing because it means you have an attractive blend of personality traits. Rainbow auras go even further and underline the fact that you may actually be enlightened.

Different aura colors explained

Get free psychic reading online and the advisor will not just tell you what kind of color your aura has. Instead, they will also interpret this aura for you. You can get such online psychic reading face to face, but you can also opt for a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading. Real psychics do not necessarily have to see you connect to your aura.


Red underlines power and aggression. People with a red aura are self-confident and passionate. They know how to set goals, but also how to chase them. They are brave and never afraid to lead. On the other hand, you also tend to be a bit dramatic.


A magenta aura defines independence. You are fun to be around, but you are also inspired by your creativity. You are the type who people follow in a natural manner – not the type to follow new trends, but the type to make them.


A light nuance of pink makes you gentle and romantic. You are not the type with an aggressive vision of life. Instead, you like harmony and peace. You do not like conflict and you tend to end it before it even begins.


If your psychic readings indicate yellow, you are the free type who loves optimism and positive vibes. You are full of life and you can talk people into doing anything. You are the fun type who never thinks about tomorrow, but you are also clever.


A cheap psychic reading will give you an orange result if you are healthy and full of energy. You are the type who likes new workouts, physical activity and social activities. You can make friends within seconds only – anywhere, anytime.


Famous psychics or free psychic mediums will reveal the blue color for your area if you are caring, gentle and sensitive. You are one of the most serious people you know. You put value in your family and friends and you value honesty.


Green is about life and nature. Your free psychic love reading will reveal green if you like self-love and growth. You like overcoming issues and obstacles, but you also forgive people who have hurt you. You are open and compassionate, but also strong.


Violet is for artists. It is the type of color you will get if you like liberal arts. Your head is in the clouds, but you have a good intuition. You like being spiritual and your instinct is extremely powerful. People around you appreciate your wisdom, even if they sometimes struggle to understand you.


If you are the type who keeps everything to themselves, chances are your best free psychic reading online will bring in an indigo nuance around your aura. You are quiet and you always plan something – be it in the middle of a party or while in work. You want to know more and more – there is never enough info.


Some brown nuances in your aura underline a love for success. You are career driven and you are not afraid of work. You are practical, logical and ready to do anything to meet your goals. You may even have a plan for the next 25 years.

Defining good and bad auras

Just like in everything else, there is good and bad when it comes to auras as well. Generally speaking, all auras have a positive vibe, yet some colors have a bit of negativity as well. For example, a dark green aura may underline jealousy. On the same note, a foggy aura without a clear color represents exhaustion – you need to start looking after yourself.

Bad auras can also be sensed when you have a hard time. Imagine you have just had a bad week at work. You might have had a fight with your partner or perhaps you need to work with someone who you do not like. Such things are normal and can give you a bad aura. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need to regain your balance and the aura will be back on track again.


As a short final conclusion, online psychics go in more directions based on their specialties. You need to determine what you actually want from a psychic before booking cheap psychic readings. If you are after reading your aura, you will basically get to know a little more about yourself – your traits, your personality and so on. You will also find out how people actually see you or feel when they are around you.