Kickstarter Completed!

kickstarterWyrdcon1Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to send a warm thank you to everyone who donated, shared on Facebook, Tweeted, and told everyone they knew about our Kickstarter.

We have met and exceeded our goal!

Our Kickstarter is now ended. Now the final planning to bring you an extraordinary convention can really begin!

Don’t forget to get your panel, games, and event submissions soon. Submissions close May 31st!

2012 Companion Book v2

Wyrd Con Companion Book Cover

Introducing the Wyrd Con Companion Book, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman, PhD., and Aaron Vanek. Published by WyrdCon.

Wyrd Con supports both the focus of entertainment, as well as academia  Each year we produce a companion guide to our storytelling focus that helps spread the word of live action role-play  as well as the various concepts of specific story telling and overall role-play  This year is no exception, and the staff of Wyrd Con is please to publish this The 2012 Companion Book.  I want to personally thank everyone for contributing to this project. The effort of creating works to increase critical thinking around the topics that we are passionate about allows us to not only expand those thoughts to others, but to also explore them and discover new concepts that we may never have dreamed.

Without the efforts of the editors, authors, and our readers we would not be moving forward along our journey with our eyes as wide open as we are now.

Thank you.

You can download the 2012 Wyrd Con Companion Book Here.

[Edit: Book Updated on 2/4/2013]

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