Today we are pleased to announce the new Wyrd Con 2015 Academic Program. A tradition of Wyrd Con each year has been to produce a program that supports the academic community. Articles developed that research aspects of Live Action, Story, Emotion, Creation and the essence of Wyrd Con are discussed in each annual program. You can access the Wyrd Con Program here: Dropbox Link to 2015 Program You may access

 The Wyrd Con Companion Book In addition to the Transmedia and Interactive Storytelling focus, Southern California’s Wyrd Con features a range of role-playing activities, from tabletop to boffer to theater style to freeform larp. Inspired by Knutepunkt—the annual meeting dedicated to the discussion and innovation of Nordic larp—Wyrd Con offers panels for the practical and intellectual consideration of role-playing games. Since its inception, Wyrd Con has also followed the Knutepunkt