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Among many other attendees stalking the halls of Wyrd Con this year was Carnegie Mellon researcher Whitney “Strix” Beltrán. A consummate gamer, she has been attending Wyrd Con for the last three years, as well as publishing academic articles in the Wyrd Con Companion Book, and giving panels on topics such as myth and media and minority issues within the gaming community. This year, however, she’s on a very specific

Wyrd Con 6 will be using a new scheduling and event system known as Sched (wyrdcon62015.sched.org/) To that end we are going to be practicing and working with the product specifically in order to figure out the best way to set it up for the conference. This creates an opportunity for designers to help bypass some of the standard review process Wyrd Con has for events. If you are a designer

 The Wyrd Con Companion Book In addition to the Transmedia and Interactive Storytelling focus, Southern California’s Wyrd Con features a range of role-playing activities, from tabletop to boffer to theater style to freeform larp. Inspired by Knutepunkt—the annual meeting dedicated to the discussion and innovation of Nordic larp—Wyrd Con offers panels for the practical and intellectual consideration of role-playing games. Since its inception, Wyrd Con has also followed the Knutepunkt

Want to see what happened at Wyrd Con 5? Then click the link below to load up the previous agenda.   https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/?eventid=1284144    

The Oracle of Delphi wishes you a happy and safe time apart from Wyrd Con. Wyrd Con Five was held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel on May 22nd – 26th.   Until next time!

As we begin to move to Wyrd Con Six we are developing a new web site. Many links will not work, such as the menu at the top. In the meantime you can follow us and out activities on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wyrdcon or twitter.com/wyrdcon. See you see!