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Today we are pleased to announce the new Wyrd Con 2015 Academic Program. A tradition of Wyrd Con each year has been to produce a program that supports the academic community. Articles developed that research aspects of Live Action, Story, Emotion, Creation and the essence of Wyrd Con are discussed in each annual program. You can access the Wyrd Con Program here: Dropbox Link to 2015 Program You may access

We are in the process of upgrading our website but here are the key details:   Wyrd Con 2016 will be on September 29th – October 2nd 2016. It will be at the Hilton Costa Mesa   You can submit events here: http://goo.gl/forms/6HNxFUZqfD You can register for a badge and hotel room here: https://www.regonline.com/wyrdcon2016   More to come!


Sep 2015

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We are people who create. We have had our struggles. We have our own world, full of color, art, and wonder. We wish to share our stories. We are surrounded by moments of creativity and spirit. Our art is our creation. Come join a new style of expression. See people who create, experience, and live in different worlds. See inside the creative spirit and journey through the pages of our

We run out of tickets every year, don’t wait to get one on-site! Buy it online now for only $20! Go to Eventbrite and select the ‘Merchandise Only’ option and add one to your badge account.  Here’s a preview of the menus: **Opening Party** Potato Martini Bar Mini Pastries Milk & Cookies Vegetables Cash Bar **Friday Buffet** Chicken/Beef Fajitas Rice & Beans Guacamole, Sour Cream etc.. Tortillas Cash Bar **Saturday

Our rooms are going fast at the Hilton – Costa Mesa! Our discount is good for a limited time – get your reservation in now. Click Here to Book your Hotel Stay!, and join us at Wyrd Con 6!

Every year there is one discount for Wyrd Con hidden in the world. We either put it there, have a Kickstarter, or someone out there manages to find a company selling it. This year we are going to do something different. There is no other company. There is no Kickstarter. Instead it’s simple. On August 13th – 16th the cost of a Wyrd Con ticket will go down to less

Below is Wyrd Con’s Designer Formulas. Wyrd Con’s Designer formulas A Designer is granted a free Designer badge for submitting at least three hours of event activity, regardless of attendee participation. A Designer is granted a free Minion badge if they run over 13 hours of event activities, regardless of attendee participation. A Designer earns an additional Minion badge for every 60 Attendee Hours (number of attendees in event multiplied

The Wyrd Con Interactive Storytelling Convention invites papers for December 2015 publication. The Wyrd Con Companion Book features two sections of articles: journalistic and academic. Articles on any form of interactive storytelling are welcome, including, but not limited to, the following: larp, transmedia, tabletop, alternate reality/pervasive games, virtual role-playing, subcultural analysis, etc. The Wyrd Con Companion Book represents a new trend in scholarship that works to interweave the practical with

Creative people wanted to create fun and clever events, panels, and workshops for Wyrd Con! Click here to submit your event! NOTE: Submissions for Wyrd Con 2015 have closed.   It’s the most exciting time of the year! Our event registration is now open for submissions! Wyrd Con was created with your help. Together we’ve taken stories to the next level of play for the curious human, and we need

A Good Event A good event at Wyrd Con is one that adds to the stew. Something that captures a new flavor, debate, or idea not yet considered. Wyrd Con does not belittle past items in the stew, we  also have events that established the base that is Wyrd Con. But when submitting an event priority is given to new concepts and the effort you go to in delivering them