Below is Wyrd Con’s Designer Formulas.

Wyrd Con’s Designer formulas

  • A Designer is granted a free Designer badge for submitting at least three hours of event activity, regardless of attendee participation.
  • A Designer is granted a free Minion badge if they run over 13 hours of event activities, regardless of attendee participation.
  • A Designer earns an additional Minion badge for every 60 Attendee Hours (number of attendees in event multiplied by hours of event duration) their live action event supports.
  • Minion badges do not count towards the attendee hour calculation.

To gain an additional minion badge based on attendance a designer must submit a request for one. Attendance is based on the duration of your event, times the number of confirmed participants (as shown by our sched schedule system).

Badge codes are released during the first week of the month to Designers, after they are requested. No new requests may be made for minion codes during the month of the conference.

New Designer and Seniority Benefits

These are additional perks Designers receive for being new to Wyrd Con or as a return guest. Wyrd Con actively seeks variety and rewards Designers who constantly change their events and activities.

  • A Designer who has never run an event at Wyrd Con before has priority in placement of any event that runs 4 hours or less.
  • All Designers can receive priority placement in the event schedule if they submit their intention to run an event at Wyrd Con within 3 months after Wyrd Con.
  • A Designer who has operated or lead a group for three subsequent years at Wyrd Con is entitled to have a color vinyl banner made for display at the convention. Wyrd Con will contact the Designer to discuss their banner directly after they submit their events for the upcoming year. This offer is only available if an event is submitted 6 months prior to the convention. This can only be earned by a Designer or Designer’s Group once.
  • Designers who in the past have run larger events, shall have priority over their room location to better sustain their event.


Minions are those who assist Designers and convention staff. In the past we have had a point system for people to gain credits, that way one could earn a Minion Badge. This year’s Minion information is still being worked on.

There is only one Designer for a submitted event, this person is considered the authority of the event and Wyrd Con will seek confirmation of all event details from this individual. If you wish to switch the name of the Designer, the current Designer should contact us.



2015 Workshop Policy for Designers

This year we are growing our workshop system; however, Wyrd Con failed to properly organize or communicate its system prior to announcing events. We apologize for this oversight.

To make up for this we evaluated the workshop fees required by the designers and created a system that simplifies the process for the attendees, and we hope the Designers will find acceptable.

The policy is based on how much you asked for in materials fees:

If your workshop costs were $10 or less, Wyrd Con will directly reimburse for your event and requires NO VOUCHER for someone to attend your event at Wyrd Con. However your event is capped at 10 participants.

If your workshop costs were $10 to $50, we require an attendee to request a materials voucher to attend the event.

If your workshop costs were $50 and up, an attendee must obtain 2 Materials vouchers for the class, but Wyrd Con will reimburse you for your total materials fee.


Attendees can purchase a voucher on site or on Eventbrite.  They cost $20 each.


For classes under $10, Wyrd Con will reimburse based on actual class attendance.

For courses above $10, Wyrd Con will reimburse your requested amount for each voucher you turn in.

All reimbursements will be provided on Sunday in the form of a check, or we will mail the check after the conference to an address you provide on site.


Tony has a class and asked to be reimbursed for $15 in materials. Tony collects 10 vouchers during the course. Tony turns them in at registration and receives a check on Sunday for $150.00.