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NOTE: Submissions for Wyrd Con 2015 have closed.


It’s the most exciting time of the year! Our event registration is now open for submissions!

Wyrd Con was created with your help. Together we’ve taken stories to the next level of play for the curious human, and we need you to come back and do it again!

The teachers, professionals, artisans, and dreamers (AKA You) create the unique experiences that could come from nowhere else but Wyrd Con. We need you to come back and share your skills, talents, and ideas with a receptive audience.

Last year Wyrdcon brought you an array of workshops, panels, stories, and experiences. This year you could be the one to share your creativity with other con-goers. Wyrdcon welcomes all creative ideas from live action role play (LARP), alternate reality games (ARGs), Transmedia Storytelling, creative writing, Cosplay and costuming classes, and so much more!

Wondering what kind of ideas Wyrdcon is looking for? Check out our “What is an acceptable event for WyrdCon”

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Event Submissions will begin December 1st 2014 and will continue until May 15th 2015. You will hear back by June 2015.

Together let’s shape stories, worlds, and adventures. Submit your idea here!