A Good Event

A good event at Wyrd Con is one that adds to the stew. Something that captures a new flavor, debate, or idea not yet considered. Wyrd Con does not belittle past items in the stew, we  also have events that established the base that is Wyrd Con. But when submitting an event priority is given to new concepts and the effort you go to in delivering them to the attendees.

“Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal”
― Howard Gardner

If your event is accepted at Wyrd Con we call you a Designer. You are shaping the world of story and what you present is the most powerful effect you can have on anyone, anywhere. Great leaders share great stories, and great moments are forged from the stories around them. At Wyrd Con a Designer is a leader in the world of story and is respected as such.

Every event and concept possible at Wyrd Con is an attempt to tell a story. From the moment you receive your badge, to the end of closing ceremonies. Wyrd Con creates an opportunity to not only be exposed to new worlds and ideas, but also creates a venue for designers, authors, crafters, and more to come together and see something new.

At Wyrd Con we want you to tell or learn a new story concept from each event you experience.


The Categories of Wyrd Con Events

“Data doesn’t matter. Only opinions and stories formed from the data matters and gets shared and absorbed.”
― Jarod Kintz

If you submit an event to Wyrd Con you will be asked what ‘category’ you event falls into. Wyrd Con desires all activities to focus around the story. You can define what that means like any Designer, but in an attempt to provide sanity to our attendees we classify our events into categories.

There are certain expectations on each category:

Panel: Talks & Discussions on a myriad of topics. If you are seeking a dialogue on a particular topic it falls into this topic. Choosing this type of event is asking for a microphone to speak from and a room for people to listen. The topics discussed are only limited by the stories close to you.

Live Game: An opportunity to be part of a story lead by another in some way. Usually you take on a specific role. Most conventions avoid many of these due to the space they take up, Wyrd Con embraces them as you become part of the story in many ways.

Workshop: The ability to build something to enhance a story is presented in this topic. Work with costumes, props, and more are performed through workshops. Our rule with workshops is that the participants must take away something tangible/physical from the experience. Because of this rule this is the only event that we allow you to charge for, in an effort to collect back the cost of your materials. Contact us for details on how materials fees work.

Tabletop: Any RPG, or Board game can have a story element. At Wyrd Con we do permit such events but they must have a specific tie to a story element beyond the game itself. There must be more than a typical RPG or Board game. Typically such events are tied to others, such as a panel discussing world building then coupled with a tabletop event in that world. Also story specific games have been showcased in this way, such as Fiasco.

Social Event: A gathering of individuals to hang out or discuss a particular topic. We can’t deny that just meeting people and sharing ideas creates something invaluable. If you intend to host a part or similar this is the event type for you.

Convention Sponsored: Key elements of the convention that we manage, such as our example Wyrd Gate event, or the Opening Party, fall in to this category. If the Wyrd Con staff is running it, it is flagged as ‘Convention Sponsored’. You can’t submit your own events to this category.


Wyrd Con is a melting pot for story ideas, a crucible for experimentation, a font of creation, and a safe venue to try and learn new things.

The concept of Wyrd Con is so primal and basic that people try to classify it as something less than it is. But in this day and age a solid story is sometimes missing and our mission is that to improve story one experience at a time.

We aren’t just a ‘crafting, sci-fi, larp, game book author convention’. We are Story. All of story. And that is more than anyone realized.

Steven Moffat said it best, “We’re all stories, in the end.”

This is Wyrd Con, be without limit, be stories.
Be Epic. Be Wyrd.