Story is the emotional journey through a memorable narrative.
– Ira Ham, Chairman Wyrd Con



Many are confused at the concept of a Storytelling Convention.

Consider story in its most basic form, integrate story in an experience, and you have Wyrd Con.

At Wyrd Con this question comes up often. It’s difficult to quickly understand exactly what exists within the world of Wyrd Con, so the best way is best describing the event review process.

When you consider an event at Wyrd Con, it’s reviewed for its basis on the world of story. Story is in essence the more fundamental form of communication we have. We have conveyed stories on cave paintings over a thousand years old, we are disappointed when a movie has a poor plot, and the entertainment that pulls together a larger audience are normally the ones where you are more engrossed by the story, not just the mechanics.

Story is the emotional journey through a memorable narrative. Story is the key thing we carry with us after an event. When you share a moment of life with another you are conveying a story. Stories are our identity, they shape who we are and every decision we will make.

“Remember Old Nan’s stories, Bran. Remember the way she told them, the sound of her voice. So long as you do that, part of her will always be alive in you.”  ― George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

This is my perspective on story and the baseline in which all concepts at Wyrd Con are judged. We seek ways to better communicate such journeys, and improve the experiences within.

A story that persists with us after we have experienced it is the most valuable of stories. We gain from anything we take with us, and it is my belief that the better the story, the more persistent it is, and therefore the more we will take away from that story.


Characteristics of Story, Wyrd Con Style

It is with these concepts that Wyrd Con’s events are evaluated. Anything that can enhance a story is fair game at Wyrd Con.

Want to teach how to be a better writer? The written word is fundamental to stories.

Or learn how role play effects emotion? How we portray concepts changes a story experience.

Or learn to make better props and costumes? The greater the immersion the more memorable.

Or share a story through presentation, or live participation? Stories can come in all forms.

How do you sell a better product? Story can give purpose and improve value.

There are multiple ways to convey a story, you can see hundreds of examples from viewing the schedule from previous years.

So it’s not just a crafting, sci-fi, larp, game book author convention?
No it isn’t, but those are just a handful of aspects that make up Wyrd Con.

Many of these elements are picked up and the convention is branded from those concepts. If an author visits Wyrd Con they are more likely to see it as a book convention, whereas a gamer may see it as a Larp convention. It has aspects of these things and more, but only at Wyrd Con will you see a melting pot of these different ideas united around one principle: Story.

In the next post we discuss the question what is an acceptable event for Wyrd Con?