Part of getting TechWarriorz to the next level in development is for us to do more conferences, so I figured that we would start-off with Wyrd Con, the largest Live Action Roleplaying (Commonly referred to as Larp) Conference on the west coast, and I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed by the entire experience…. I was there all day for today, but it was an experience that made me wish that I was available to go all four days.

First off (before going into the actual role playing portion), the lectures/panels that I got to see were TOP NOTCH. Since, I was only there for Friday, I had only gotten to see two of the panels, but they both felt as though they should be given at IVY League colleges, I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY. The names of the two panels that I got to see were called “Myth and Folklore in Modern Media” and “Creativity that Lasts”.

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